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Pushkar Camel Fair photography tour of rajasthan, india

Saturated colours, authentic encounters: Discover the real photographic gems of Rajasthan.

DelhiUdaipur – NarlaiJodhpurPushkarJaipurDelhi

15 days 14 nights





2016 itinerary and dates to be announced soon. Please sign up to the interest list to keep up to date.

Status: Dates to be announced soon.

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Pushkar Camel Fair photography tour  |  Photography tours Rajasthan  |  India photography tours

The photographer's photography tour of Pushkar Camel Fair and Rajasthan.

This 15-day Rajasthan photography tour is designed by British creative directors and Indian Pushkar shoot veterans to take you further and deeper into the real Rajasthan. Where many Rajasthan photo tour itineraries take an off-the-shelf tour-bus circuit and tack on a pro photographer, this, in complete contrast, is a custom-designed photographer's itinerary created by professionals who genuinely know the land, the languages and the culture and spend many weeks each year researching Rajasthan's myriad photography opportunities. The result is a two-weeker that marries the must-see elements of this princely state with hand-crafted, off-the-beaten-track photo opportunities that simultaneously astonish the eye and enrich the portfolio.

This tour will bring you photographic opportunities and encounters on three distinct levels.

  1. The amazing, hectic, vibrant photographic action at the Pushkar Camel Fair. We'll spend three nights here, making sure you see and shoot this world-famous livestock fair inside and out.
  2. Vivid explorations of Rajasthan's most stunning cities: Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaipur. You'll photograph these cities at the perfect time of year, around Diwali, India's amazing Festival of Light when nearly everyone is smartly turned out and on show. You'll visit dazzling palaces, towering forts and iconic monuments, but you'll also unearth those hard-to-find aspects of Rajasthan's culture, the photographic gold that comes from being welcomed into private homes and tiny traditional workspaces, where you do immersive shooting with fast 50s and wides rather than being restricted to the outside-looking-in perspectives of typical touristic telephoto work.
  3. And we'll go deeper still. This is, after all, Rajasthan! — home to dozens of distinct and relatively untouched desert-dwelling or nomadic tribes such as Bhils, Damor, Minas, Sahariyas, Gadiya Lohars, Garasias, Kathodi, Sansi, Kanjar, Bishnoi, Raika, Dhanka… This tour provides you with cherry-picked opportunities for tribal photography: to do this we've drawn upon stunning elements of unpublished photography tour itineraries previously restricted to clients on our one-on-one private tours.

This is pure camera heaven for photographers who want to come away with photographs and impressions that break out of the formulaic rut of typical Rajasthan photography tours. Check out the highlights of this Rajasthan photography tour — and prepare yourself for opportunities most visiting photographers just never get to see.

Pushkar Camel Fair Rajasthan India Photography Tour

Six great things About our photo tours

  • Professional photographers and region experts to guide and inspire you
  • Privileged access to people, places and moments you'd never otherwise see
  • Brilliant photos — because our tours are custom-designed around photography
  • Tiny groups (typically eight shooters to one pro photographer) for personal attention
  • Great fun, beginner or expert, travelling with like-minded people.
  • And your money's safe because we comply with EU Package Travel laws. 

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Clients say…

The whole setup was great, I don't think you could improve on much.

- AS, Staffordshire, England

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