Pushkar Camel Fair photography tour - People and culture photo

Shooting Diwali in Rajasthan

As Pushkar Camel Fair becomes overloaded with photographers, timing is everything…

A woman of the Padaung (long neck) tribe sits contemplatively in her home.

Portraits of Myanmar

A Myanmar photography tour is not just about amazing places. It's also about the stunning faces.

In Gujarat, India, a farmer from the pastoral Ahir tribe poses good-humouredly for an impromptu photograph.

Gujarat encounters: Where I go, my radio goes

In Gujarat, India, we run into a radio-crazy Ahir farmer with a shrewd grasp of world affairs.

Despite being illegal across India, the ancient and bloody sport of cockfighting thrives in villages across the country.

Angry birds: India’s bloody cockfighting business

Revered by many and reviled by others, cockfighting thrives in India.

Before and after each wrestling match, Kushti wrestlers rub a special mix of dirt and other ingredients into their skin.

Paydirt: Shooting India’s Kushti wrestlers

There's photographic gold in India's dirt wrestling tradition – Kushti.

Pushkar Camel Fair photography tour - People and culture photo

India’s chai: The cup that cheers

India's roadside tea stalls are an eye-opening experience for photographers and tea-lovers.

Ladakh photography tour: People photo

Ladakh: A study in contrasts

A photograph from our Ladakh photo tour prompts thoughts on contrast, photographic and otherwise.

Burma photography tour: Bagan section

Burma – a changing landscape

Burma's opening-up brings massive change — and some of it means changing opportunities for photographers.

Stubble burning: A farmhand watches over a field of burning stubble in Assam, India.

Five o’clock stubble

A little planning and a lot of luck gives us some shooting fun amidst burning stubble on an Assam tour…

India photography tour: Ramnami

In God’s name: India’s Ramnami

Devotion, defiance and full-body tattoos… the vanishing way of life of this Hindu sect in India.

Holy men on the banks of the Ganges River at Varanasi.

Varanasi: A matter of life and death

Varanasi's photography tour opportunities are extraordinary — and occasionally overwhelming…

Ladakh photography tour: people and culture photo

Visiting old friends in Ladakh

Shoot Director Sridhar reflects on shared moments with an old friend in Ladakh, India.

Burma photography tour: tribal section

The dying art of nose flute playing

In a remote village in Burma's Chin State, we find the art of the nose flute player is alive, but hardly well.

Ladakh winter photography tour: landscape photo

Sub-zero shooting adventures in Ladakh’s winter

It's cold but it's really hot: stunning opportunities on our new Ladakh Winter Photography Tour.

northeast india photography tour: people and culture photo

Bleary-eyed sessions in a Nagaland dope den

We join in with the locals in a rum-and-opium party in Nagaland. High times in low light.

Pushkar Camel Fair photography tour - People and culture photo

Village encounters in deep Rajasthan

On the road to Pushkar Camel Fair, we find a Rajasthan desert hamlet with pleasant photographic surprises on every corner…